Friday, September 28, 2012

Market to Boomers Without Making Blunders

Marketing to baby boomers is not exactly the same as marketing to other generations. They are the wealthiest, most educated and most sophisticated of consumers. Reports indicate that they are outspending younger generations on technology products and about 83% say they regularly access the internet. Not surprisingly, boomers are much more loyal to traditional and new media. And these differences require a different approach especially when using mobile marketing to reach boomers. Let's explore some specific strategies that can help gain advantage with this population segment.
1. Avoid mass marketing. The desire to keep up with the Joneses is not as strong in this generation as it is in the younger generation. They will acquire possessions to achieve life's experiences and individual preferences, but not necessarily to be in sync. However, from a marketing perspective, endorsement of your product or service with a young celebrity may not work well when marketing to boomers.
2. Make unique individual offers. Unlike the Y generation, boomers prefer to talk on phone than to text. They also use social media to catch on what's happening. In addition, they watch more TV than the younger generation who like getting connected. This means that your campaign should take cognizant of these facts. Make campaigns that appeal to an individual and not a group.
3. Never refer them as old. Boomers are turn off when you refer to them as old. Make them feel young sexy or sophisticated. Avoid talking about the past. Instead talk about the future, their goals and aspirations in your campaigns. Speak of their passions and values and make it a justification for spending on luxury items.
4. Make use of referrals. The generation like the rest of society puts more value on word-of-mouth recommendations in their buying decisions than on advertising. Naturally, to scoop more dollars from the pockets of this generation, referrals should take centre stage. A daughter's word about a product or service is far more trusted than ads in national TV, Radio and Newspapers. Take the step of asking current customers to bring along their friends, relatives or neighbors. You can give an incentive or a payout for anyone who helps you reach more people.
5. Integrate your campaigns with social media. A link from a friend on Facebook or a mention of a product will have a bigger impact than advertising. In addition to disseminating news, a marketer should use social media to bring more seniors to the loop. Once in the loop and a long as the experience is pleasant, boomers are more consistent and loyal than the average population.

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