Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Advertising Idea for an Accounting Business

There are many advertising ideas for an accounting business in the advertising world but these are not always the best if you are an Accountant and want to start your own accounting practice. The reason for this is that you are perceived by the general public as a professional person and no doubt probably belong to a number of professional organizations.
Now if you are an active member of one or more of these professional organizations this is where you need to network. The best advertising you can have as an Accountant is a good network of like-minded and associated businesses.
The advantages of Networking
Networking is the best way for you to advertise your services but you don't do this overtly or through classified ads in newspapers or even AdWords on the internet. The best way for an Accountant to gain news clients is by recommendation.
A recommendation by a fellow member from a professional organization is one that carries a lot of 'kudos' for your business and for you personally. A recommendation is slightly different to a word-of-mouth suggestion because they are actually recommending you rather than just telling someone about your services.
When you joined your professional body of like-minded professionals, you would have most likely been asked what your business did and what your position was in the company or corporation. This is your opportunity to say what you did and what your specialty was (if any). After this, any time you talk about your accounting business needs to be done in more general terms because you will have given them a broad and comprehensive outline of your services in order to be invited into the organization.
Professional organizations are very 'picky' about those who they invite to join. After all, they are:
1) A professional body of educated and serious business people and
2) People will always be "labelled by the company they keep" so they need to be very particular.
What are some Professional Organizations for Accountants?
There is any number of professional organizations around the world today to service the Accounting Profession. However, these are good to belong to but they are not good for getting work from. These industry group organizations are good for recommendations and validation.
Some of these organizations are designed to do other works apart from acting as a body of professional people. Every industry has their own professional body like the Society of certified public accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, Certified Chartered Accountants, and they often support a charitable group in a community.
Service Clubs
Service clubs represent a good cross-section of a communities industry. Clubs like Rotary International and Lions clubs are two service clubs that are International Organizations and they are across all industries and Country borders. Both are now cross gender so there is no longer gender discrimination and any professional person can be invited to join.
Clubs like Rotary and Lions benefit their local community with charity work and support within their own communities as well as internationally.
It is from networking within these professional organizations that an accountant can advertise their accounting business simply by being in the organization and working for their local community.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Brain Aging Prevention

More news on the brain aging prevention. Eating a diet that's full of omega-3 fatty acids might just help to prevent memory troubles, as well as slowing down the effects of aging on the brain as the years pass. This comes from a new study that examines the link between levels of omega-3s in the blood and brain health.
The work has found that those with low omega-3 fatty acid levels have more risk of aging related memory problems.
Diets without docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and omega-3s that are a natural part of fish and other foods might lead to the brain aging more quickly. The lower brain volume observed in those with lower levels of omega-3s was equal to around two years of aging of the brain.
Earlier research has shown that those who follow a diet with lots of fatty fish, salmon and tuna are good examples, have a reduced risk of dementia, heart disease and stroke. The results from this most recent work appear to explain why.
The team tested omega-3 fatty acids inside red blood cells for 1,575 seniors (average age was 67) who were dementia free at the time and participating in the Framingham Offspring Study. Subjects were tested for mental ability and had MRI scans of their brains to look at size and blood supply.
Those whose had DHA levels in the lowest 25% showed reduced brain volumes compared to those with higher levels of DHA. What's more, those who had low DHA and were also lacking the other omega-3 fatty acids didn't score as high on visual memory tests, abstract thinking and processing. Brain scans showed that these subjects also had less blood supply in their brain.
The results, the researchers say, demonstrate that low omega-3 fatty acid levels, including DHA, are linked to memory and cognitive function issues even in those who have not been diagnosed with dementia.
The team accounted for different lifestyle and health factors... things like age, education level and body weight, to see if other differences in those with insufficient levels of omega-3 could be found to help understand their rapid brain aging. Yet the difference remained, making it appear even more likely that omega-3 fatty acids are the explanation for the better brain health.
This is not to say that consuming omega-3 fatty acids prevents age related mental decline. It shows only that there could be an association between eating these foods and a healthier brain. There could be other factors, such as fruit and vegetable intake or activity levels responsible for a healthy brain.
Foods known to naturally have lots of this nutrient include oily fish, walnuts, flaxseed and canola oils. You can also get omega-fatty acids from some shellfish and spinach. From this list you can see why fish has earned a reputation as a brain food... omega fatty acids can not be produced by the human body and therefore must be taken in as part of the diet.
Many choose to take docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in supplement form, but until we know more, this may not be the best option for everyone. Adding a serving (or two) of some of the foods we've mentioned here is a more natural approach. And be sure to talk with your healthcare team if you're concerned about your personal risks and are looking for brain aging prevention techniques to keep your brain healthy as the years pass.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Effectively Market Your Pain Management Practice on the Internet

Marketing for a pain management practice can be a very competitive situation. Pain management as a medical practice can be a highly profitable venture, however, a lot of pain practices have figured this out so it can be a competitive marketing problem to acquire new patients.
Here are 5 Internet marketing tips that can help you acquire new patients to your pain practice.
1. Write a lot of articles. The main thing is that this takes an investment of time. As long as you know the material such as information on the various injections for pain control and pain medications, then you already have the knowledge base. What you then need to do is take the time to produce content for blogging and submitting the articles to directories. This should not be done once a month, but rather a few times a week in order to increase your exposure. is great along with other article marketing softwares.
2. Publish press releases on a regular basis. Make sure to use one of the very good press release services. Sometimes the ones that are cheaper are not very good and the distribution is poor. So stick with the well-known ones even though they may cost a little bit more such as PRWeb. Make sure to place appropriate calls to action into these press releases such as potentially offering a special for new patients if it is allowed in your state and insurance contracts.
3. Submit your practice to all of the free directories on the Internet that you can. These are not going to yield hundreds of new patients a month. But people do look at them such as, Yelp, Citysearch, and others. So making sure that you submit your pain practice to any one that you can find including the local directories may help you acquire business that once again only cost you some time.
4. Request internet reviews from your patients. Over two thirds of individuals read reviews prior to making a purchase. Medical practices are no different so reviews from your patience should be sought. This will serve two purposes. One is that prospective new patients may see these reviews on internet, and also when the patient puts a bad review on internet all the good ones will over shadow it.
5. One of the most important highlights of your practice is your website. Make sure that it is attractive and functional, which means that you have optimized content for search engines and enough pages to keep viewers on your site long enough to have them pick up the phone and call. Make sure your phone number is very visible and also you should have a news section or a blog so that people see you offer education.
Utilize these Internet marketing tips and over time you will see that you do acquire patients in a cost-effective manner over the Internet.
David Greene, MD, is President of Go Crazy SEO. The SEO company specializes in Website Design, e-commerce sites, reputation mgmt, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and SEO consulting.