Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Advertising Idea for an Accounting Business

There are many advertising ideas for an accounting business in the advertising world but these are not always the best if you are an Accountant and want to start your own accounting practice. The reason for this is that you are perceived by the general public as a professional person and no doubt probably belong to a number of professional organizations.
Now if you are an active member of one or more of these professional organizations this is where you need to network. The best advertising you can have as an Accountant is a good network of like-minded and associated businesses.
The advantages of Networking
Networking is the best way for you to advertise your services but you don't do this overtly or through classified ads in newspapers or even AdWords on the internet. The best way for an Accountant to gain news clients is by recommendation.
A recommendation by a fellow member from a professional organization is one that carries a lot of 'kudos' for your business and for you personally. A recommendation is slightly different to a word-of-mouth suggestion because they are actually recommending you rather than just telling someone about your services.
When you joined your professional body of like-minded professionals, you would have most likely been asked what your business did and what your position was in the company or corporation. This is your opportunity to say what you did and what your specialty was (if any). After this, any time you talk about your accounting business needs to be done in more general terms because you will have given them a broad and comprehensive outline of your services in order to be invited into the organization.
Professional organizations are very 'picky' about those who they invite to join. After all, they are:
1) A professional body of educated and serious business people and
2) People will always be "labelled by the company they keep" so they need to be very particular.
What are some Professional Organizations for Accountants?
There is any number of professional organizations around the world today to service the Accounting Profession. However, these are good to belong to but they are not good for getting work from. These industry group organizations are good for recommendations and validation.
Some of these organizations are designed to do other works apart from acting as a body of professional people. Every industry has their own professional body like the Society of certified public accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, Certified Chartered Accountants, and they often support a charitable group in a community.
Service Clubs
Service clubs represent a good cross-section of a communities industry. Clubs like Rotary International and Lions clubs are two service clubs that are International Organizations and they are across all industries and Country borders. Both are now cross gender so there is no longer gender discrimination and any professional person can be invited to join.
Clubs like Rotary and Lions benefit their local community with charity work and support within their own communities as well as internationally.
It is from networking within these professional organizations that an accountant can advertise their accounting business simply by being in the organization and working for their local community.


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