Friday, November 9, 2012

A Necessity For Recurring Sales, To Get Your Old Buyers to Buy Again, and Again

Let me first began by telling you my brief journey of why "List Building" is so important for your success in internet marketing.
Doing internet marketing can be frustrating when you put all your "Eggs in One Basket." It's not Easter, it is internet marketing people. You have to learn to diversify your earnings to be a big player in this game, and Yes, I said game, if you don't play the game right it will be 'Game Over'.
Not learning more than one strategy is a dangerous risk, especially if you start to make money doing that one strategy and then for some reason, something changes with Google or your software that you were using. It's sad to think about, especially if you were making 5 to 10 thousand a month and quit your job and bought a new house, scary right?
You must continue your education and keep upgrading your online system to stay on the top at least mid way point if you are depending on your online business to pay your bills. You need more well-rounded marketing strategies with techniques. Every strategy has its own technique.
Sadly a lot of people don't think about this. There are "Game Overs" everywhere going on everyday. Don't be like the rest. One of my favorite quotes is, "Smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from other peoples' mistakes." Be wise!
I learned a whole lot of little strategies from a bunch of places that were pretty good but, the strategies were not complete winning techniques, drawn out step by step. I continued to learn like this for about six months and couldn't take it anymore.
I had to find a course that taught about everything. All the ways to make money online. So I could at least pick 3 and get good at those. After trying about seven online marketing courses, I finally found it. Lucky number 7 is what I call it.
This course taught me everything from marketing money with Google AdSense (5 to 10 cents for each click from your website). 'Tools and Softwares,' for 'Building Websites' extremely fast while being formatted correctly. CPA (Click Per Action) Example: Is getting paid $1 for each person that fills out a form that requires their email address and zip code. 'List Building,' involves getting a person that visits your site to join your List (Get their Email addresses), by giving away something FREE like; A free ebook, free mini course of helpful information or some type of free training.
It also covers being an affiliate, in great detail. Being an affiliate is when you are promoting lets say, "Amazon Products" on your website, or "eBay Products" or ANY products really, that has an affiliate program (Good news is that, most do).
Plus, you will learn three, of the biggest secrets about Online Marketing in more detail, they are "Keywords," "Meta Tags" and "Backlinks." If you don't have these three then you don't have anything, period. If you are in a course that's not talking about these three necessities, get your money back if you can and get away from their softwares and training courses as soon as possible.
After watching all of the tutorial videos and practicing with all of the FREE software and tools from "Lucky Number 7's" Website (Remember, that's what I call this winning training course) I began to take action! I started devising my plan of how much I wanted to make and in what realistic time period.
$3,000 in less than 1 year was my plan. So I started Testing different methods in the beginning for about 6 months. I see where the weak points were and where the strong points were because I didn't just try one strategy. Remember I told you, I tried my favorite 3 strategies and learned the techniques for each strategy.
Gradually improving every other day or so, every week and every month. Even when obstacles got in the way like my wife being pregnant and needing my attention, working 2 jobs and helping out around the house as much as I could. I did it, i reached my goal in 10 months instead of 12 months and have been going up every month since then. And you can too!
Would you like to learn how you can apply strategies like 'List Building' and others to make a nice chunk of change every month, and build it higher ever month? Go on vacations to Hawaii and go shopping without thinking too much of how much 10 pair of $100 jeans will set you back.

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